Extra Healing MSM Lotion - 32 oz Slight Tea Tree Scent

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Ultra-Pure MSM™ has been called the natural solution!
msm lotionHypoallergenic
msm lotionAll-Natural Ingredients
msm lotionRestoring elasticity to the skin, especially after sunburn
msm lotionLeaving your skin soft and smooth
msm lotionReduced stress from athletic injuries

Product Description

Ultra-Pure MSM™ Lotion - 32oz Extra Healing

Temporary Relief From:

natural lotionBack pain

natural lotionMuscle pain

natural lotionFibromyalgia

natural lotionTMJ and TMD syndrome

All Natural!

natural lotion No petroleum

natural lotion No Sulfites

natural lotion No Waxes

natural lotion No Chemicals

The ingredients in our lotions are all natural with no chemicals, and no artificial preservatives.

Product Features

This great formula helps restore elasticity to the skin.

Helps reduced stress from athletic injuries, and massages with deep tissue work.

All natural with no chemicals, and no artificial preservatives.

Super nourishing and instantly moisturizing lotion packed full of anti-aging antioxidants, vitamins and other skin beneficial nutrients.

Ultra-Pure MSM Lotion: gives the skin a soft feeling and healing properties that lasts for hours.

MSM for Skin, Hair and Nails.

MSM is one-third sulfur, and sulfur has a reputation for being nature's "beauty mineral," for keeping the hair healthy and the complexion youthful. Skin, hair, and fingernails are normally quite high in cystine, one of the sulfur amino acids that gives keratin, a particular kind of protein found in these tissues, its property of toughness.

Many women observe that it makes their skin softer. This effect probably also softens the wrinkle lines too. "We believe MSM can be more beneficial when used in combination, that is, taken orally as a nutritional supplement as well as applied to the skin".

The skin is the largest area of the body that -- and is the first line of defense for the body. There are, of course, immune system functions that take place within the skin area -- and the skin area would be nourished only by the very small arteries (capillaries) so the blood supply at the surface of the skin is not as great as it is further inside the body. When you can apply something on the skin which "nourishes" the immune system cells there -- you are doing wonders in improving the health of the skin (and body). 

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