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Tri-Krill™ Krill Oil

Tri-Krill™  Capsules and Pumps

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  1. Tri-KRILL™ For Pets Pump

    Tri-KRILL™ For Pets Pump 500 Pumps Per Bottle

    Tri-KRILL ™ Pump For Pets: 3x formula with 20 times more astaxanthin than regular krill oil

    Paw printHealthy skin, coat, and liver
    Paw printFree Radical Fighter, Natural Antioxidant
    Paw printImmune system booster
    Paw printIncrease joint comfort & normalize inflammation

    NOTE: To prime the vacuum pump, just pump it 2-3 times. If it does not prime turn upside and pump 2-3 times and then operate upright as usual.

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  2. Tri-KRILL™ Capsules For Pets

    Tri-KRILL™ Capsules for Pets with 6 mg Astaxanthin per Cap

    NOW! with DRcaps™ capsules (digestive resistant)  our new Patented Lipid  Fusion Capsule Technology™  

    Tri-KRILL™ for Pets 3x formula with AstaREAL for maximum Krill Oil benefits

    Dog Krill oil     Helps Pets with Arthritis 
    Dog Krill oil     Increases Flexibility and Mobility
    Paw printSkin Health and Shiny Coat
    Dog Krill oil     Easy to use capsules with no fishy breath

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2 Item(s)

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