Oxy-pH Boost™ NACLO2 Solution

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Oxy-pH Boost™ liquid NACLO2 chlorine dioxide precursor

Probiotics Sanitize and Alkalinizes drinking water 
Probiotics Delivers molecular oxygen to the body
Probiotics Promote better hydration for energy and endurance
Probiotics Alkalinizes the system
Probiotics Helps enhance the immune system
Probiotics Excellent sanitizer for washing vegetables   

Oxy-pH Boost™ enhances oxygen delivery in the body and alkalinizes the system.

Probiotics Helps with Bacterial Overgrowth
Probiotics Use as a mouth wash
Probiotics Exceptional disinfectant agent
Probiotics Can be used for pets or people
Probiotics Kills Yeast while supporting healthy probiotics
Probiotics Balance Flora and enhances probiotic colonization
Probiotics Removal of potentially dangerous free radicals and toxins

Oxy-pH Boost™   thru its alkaline PH and its oxygenating  activity is a very effective bacterial, fungal and viral fighter.

The product contains NACLO2, a precursor to CLO2, which could act in two ways.

First, Oxy-pH Boost™ can increase the efficiency of oxidative enzymes that are present in macrophages, thereby enhancing the immune system.

Second, Oxy-pH Boost™   is buffered in such a way that chlorine dioxide is released slowly and may oxidize foreign material.

Chlorine oxides are known for their anti-microbial capability. The chlorine acts as a carrier of the oxygen, but free chlorine is not a product of the reaction.

Recommended Use

Always dilute Oxy-pH Boost™ in water. 

Use 1 drop in 20 drops of water for topical applications.


Download: Product Instruction Sheet »


Oxy-pH Boost™ should never be applied in the concentrated form directly to the skin or mouth.

When dealing with yeast overgrowth;

Always when dealing with Yeast, you must do Pro-biotics Plus ® with Oxy-pH Boost™

Our probiotic formula Pro-Biotics Plus® Chewable is high in CFUs and has many different strains, which is the best to use when trying to crowd out and control yeast and candida.

Then the two fold process is then to use Oxy-pH Boost™ NACLO2 Solution, that kills yeast while supporting healthy probiotics.

NACLO2 Solution, kills yeast while supporting healthy probiotics.

We also recommend using a heavy metal de-tox formula like Transfer-tox™ because heavy metals can cause yeast and candida to linger.

There are several different theories regarding how mercury and candida interact with each other and it appears that mercury binds to yeast keeping it in the body.

Never use Oxy-pH Boost™ together with your probiotics at the same time. Wait at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours before using Oxy-pH Boost™ after taking your Probiotics.

Recommended Directions for Yeast:

Take 1 Pro-Biotics Plus® Stick pack each day.

Then de-tox with Transfer-tox™ take at night only before bed. Start with one capsule first week then two at night after. If your detox is too fast cut back to one at night. See web site Transfer-Tox™


1. Fatigue / lethargy
2. Bloating / digestive upset
3. Skin conditions-irritation
4. Inflammation dermatitis
5. Immunosuppressed and frequent bacterial infections
6. Urinary / bladder infections

There are many causes:

1. Poor diet
2. Nutrients that are not bioavailable to the body
3. Over use of antibiotics
4. No probiotic back-up
5. Stress
6. Vaccines/medicines
7. Birth control pills/medicines /antibiotics
8. Prednisone/ cortisone-type drugs

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