African Sunrise™ Organic Rooibos Tea - 1 pouch (20 bags)

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Super antioxidant red tea - no caffeine Great For:
Probiotics Irritability, headaches
Probiotics Disturbed sleeping patterns
Probiotics Insomnia, nervous tension
Probiotics Good natural sweet flavor
Probiotics Make it hot or cold

Product Description

The Super Anti-oxidant Tea Imported by NWC Inc. from South Africa.

African Sunrise™ Rooibos Tea has more Anti-oxidant Properties than Green tea without the caffeine and oxalic acid that contributes to kidney disease. It is delicious both hot or cold! 

The tea and the plant are both pronounced "ROY BOSS"

Known in South Africa as "Red Bush" because of the color of its leaves, and believed by indigenous peoples to have great healing powers, it began to be cultivated in 1930. Today it is a popular and highly regarded drink throughout South Africa, many calling it the "miracle tea."

New seedlings ready for planting:         Bundles of fresh cut Rooibos           Fermented and dried Rooibos
 Product Benefits
Product Benefits Product Benefits

Health Benefits

Aichi Medical University, Japan and University of the Orange Free State, Dept. of Chemistry, South Africa show African Sunrise™ Rooibos Tea to be rich in minerals and contains large amounts of antioxidants.

Gives a soothing effect on skin (when directly applied) Use cold tea bags that have been steeped.

African Sunrise™ Rooibos has no caffeine, no oxalic acid, very low tannin content, and abundant amounts of antioxidants. Significant Minerals: Potassium, Copper, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, and Fluorine.

Antioxidants boost the immune system, eliminate "free radicals", and show promise in the reduction of heart disease. Japanese research shows very high antioxidant activity, probably from flavonoid compounds. Japanese research also shows a very high content of the antioxidant Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) which is believed to be an important component in reducing cell mutation.

The flavonoids or anti-oxidants quercetin, luteolin and rutin found in Rooibos are ascribed with some of the following physiological and therapeutic properties: anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombosis, anti-viral, anti-neoplastic, anti-mutagenic, inhibits skin tumor formation and inhibits lipoxygenase. Incidentally, the flavonoid "aspalathin" is found only in Rooibos tea.

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Article: Rooibos: Research into Antioxidant and Antimutagenic Properties »

More Information

African Sunrise™ Rooibos Tea contains no caffeine, which can be harmful to the central nervous system, causing irritability, high blood pressure and erratic sleep patterns.


According to new studies done at Duke University, the caffeine in your morning coffee is confirmed to put you in a state of sustained stress, affecting both blood pressure and heart rate all through the day.


Cutting back on caffeine may be a way to reduce hypertension and heart disease.


African Sunrise™ Rooibos Tea is an extremely healthy drink and it is a product tailor-made for today's life-style.


A hot, soothing cup of Rooibos tea is completely pure and natural, containing no additives, preservatives or artificial colors of any kind.


It is low in tannin, a substance which adversely affects the body's metabolism by decreasing the absorption of iron and protein.


The clean, aromatic flavor of African Sunrise™ Rooibos tea can safely be enjoyed in unlimited quantities throughout the day, with no harmful side-effects.




African Sunrise™ Rooibos Tea Preparation

African Sunrise™ Rooibos is made like ordinary tea. Use one tea bag of dried leaves per 6 oz. cup. Pour boiling water over the leaves and steep 6-10 minutes. 


Because there is a very low tannin content, African Sunrise™ Rooibos tea can steep almost indefinitely without getting bitter. 


It is routinely steeped 20 minutes or more, and drunk hot or cold or iced with citrus garnish. In South Africa it is commonly served hot with milk. 


It can be reheated with no loss of flavor.African Sunrise™ Rooibos tea has a naturally sweet taste, but you may sweeten with stevia extract or raw honey.

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